Chains (Adam Peek)

We are not our past
We are not our present
We are not the sins of our Fam
We are identified by the great I AM
Oh dear believer
Have you bought the lies from the great deceiver?
Who whispers to you constantly
You are your sins
But that's where Christ steps in
And rights the wrongs, propitiation
And we now sing
Through words and songs, proclamation
The written truth about you and me
We have been redeemed
We have been set free
We have been bought
By the blood of Calvary
So we cast off the chains
Which so easily entangle
The nooses which seek to strangle
The lasso's which try to wrangle
And we fix our eyes on Jesus!
Those chains are gone!
I've been set free
Let those chains fall
I was once blind
But now I see
Lift your head weary sinners
Come back to your homes prodigals
His yoke is easy so we
Let the chains fall
His burden is light so we
Let the chains fall

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