"Consummation" (Johnny Levy)

I will embrace the Sun

Though You burn me limb from limb

I was made to partake of radiance
I’m starving for Your radiance.

Like the proverbial moth
And his love affair with the blaze
Smell the smoke of his remains
As he dies in the throes of praise

His whole moth-life was moving him
Steadily towards this moment,
To reach out and touch The One
His heart was burning for and

They say moths and fire
Don’t mix. I don’t believe them.
I was born with the appetite for fire
There’s got to be a reason.

I might look like nothing.
Dim and dingy in my appearance
But God placed a spark in my heart
When He called me out of the dark

And it’s that very spark,
Magnetic sliver of the divine,
Burrowed deep down and entwined
Like a seal, like a flickering sign

It throws itself against the walls
Of this body that confines it,
Like a lodestone, guiding,
Relentless and refining,

Pulling against me,
Pulling me, ever lightward,
No matter how hard I fly
Against the current of its night cries

And it’s suicide I know it’s suicide
For a moth to love the flame,
For a man to love a holy God
Would he have to be insane?

After the final embrace
Will anything remain?
Will I be ashes in the breeze
Scattered across the plains?

For You are a consuming fire,
Burning all impurity
And I am full of such impurity.
So burn me.

And I will embrace You Lord,
Though You blaze me limb from limb
I was made to partake of radiance
I was created for Your radiance.  

Like closing my eyes
And just smiling into the sunlight
Soaking up the warmth
And the glory with my arms wide

And when I end, I will stretch and yawn
Into the fire and brilliance
Into the arms of my beloved
Until You burst me with Your fullness.

Consumed at last,
Ready to die inside your arms
I smell the smoke of my imperfection
And I dwindle until what’s left is ...

Only this: 
A blazing shard of light
Set free from the rough husk
Of its cocoon of flesh and night.

And I am undone.
And I am one with Joy.
Free at last
And I am one with Joy.

And I am undone.
And I am one with Joy.
Free at long last

And I am one with Joy.

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